Midsummer Ready

We are slowly getting into the midsummer mood. Nature, nice food, friends, music and just a good time... Searching for the right mood through my camera as well - particularly beer tasting in this post ;) Christian, cherry beer and my summer house.

Are you ready for midsummer celebration? ;) 



Garden Time

Back to my home country! It is so nice here. Comparing to Copenhagen, where it is windy all the time, even 19 degrees seems to be warm enough for proper summer clothes! However, I should not complain. This weekend it will be +25 degrees! Can't wait. Anyway, these pic where taken few days ago at my parents house. Does not look like a city, but it is literally 15 min by car to the city center. Love that place - flowers everywhere!!! 



Pictures taken by Christian Rasmussen, Edited by Me


A celebration of Copenhagen nightlife. The fest is simple: Distortion turns the lovely city of Copenhagen into party heaven, This is an experience! A week of massive daytime street parties, underground night club events and the grand two-day finale Distortion Ø at Refshaleøen and the Copenhagen harbour. Where everyone is sharing their passion for music, dancing and just spending good time in their beloved city.

Here are few snaps from the first two days of Distortion. 


It Is A Feeling

These pictures are from "Assistens Kirkegård". Basically, it is a graveyard (H.C.Andersen is resting here as well). A graveyard where it is normal for Copenhageners to go and hang out with friends, in the summer they tend to also tan here and just enjoy their time. Have a walk with kids, have an everyday morning run... This is not only a graveyard, it is also a public space,a park. I think it is amazing! Amazing how chilled and social people are. Literally every place in the city is a place to be, a place to go! Dream city! 

Light And Luscious

I got to know Agnija through Instagram. I saw that she is coming to Copenhagen, so I wrote her if she wants to meet up and shoot together. I love this part of social media - you can connect with people so easily. You can manage to do so much more because, basically, the world is opened for you. It is just the matter of how you use it! :) In the end we spent a really good time together. I love to meet new people. Moreover, I love when you just click right away. So much more easier to make a great content when you understand each other just like that! ;) 

Bellow I added some pictures of our smokey black and white session. Dreamy and powerful! 



Weekend In Pics!

Just a random selection from the weekend. Weather was finally nice, so more or less the weekend was spent outdoors. Taking a bicycle ride through the city (as we are not doing that enough here, heh). I love to commute by bicycle everyday! It is so easy and fast. There is nothing better than morning rush hour on a cycle track. Giving a nice morning smile to other commuters... Just makes you feel the city in completely different way than sitting in the box and spending so much time alone. 

Enjoy and see you!


It Goes On

Hey! So here it is, birthday time... Turning 24 today. The last few days I have been thinking about life and what I want to get out of it! I've decided to put it all on paper and try to understand who I am and who I want to be. I am not talking about some poetic way, but more of mental mindset way... On one piece of paper, setting my focus points in my life as they are now and on the other piece, a list of how I wish my life will look going forward and what I want my focus points to be. Just setting up the goals going after them, you know! :) 

In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life - It goes on!