I Believe in Early Spring

The spring feeling is finally here in Copenhagen - at least for a few days. The weather lately has been all over the place, with unexpected, wet snowfalls, chilly winds and rain storms. But how lucky you get when your friend is visiting and the weather for these few days just gets better and better! All you can do is take out the camera and go out for a mini shoot and catch those sun flares through the camera.

Here is the first spot - as surprising as it may be, you can actually find some palm and banana trees in Copenhagen! Just the perfect combination for a nice, springtime shoot! 

Here We Go

Kicking off my first post by quoting Albert Einstein “A ship is always safe at the shore - but that is NOT what it is built for.”.

I have been taking photos for couple of years now and finally I feel strong enough to put it out there in a website as well as share my thoughts with like-minded people. I don't sit in a studio. I like to think that I am refreshing the simple things through my camera. Therefore, if you want to join the ride, stay tuned!