That Little Magic

What I love the most about photography is the fun of catching small things in everyday life, small things of each individuals, of places and moments. To create a little magic, to show everyone around you how you see the world, how you see them... I search, I wonder... Of course there are more friendlier days for taking photos and there are grey and rainy days, but that it the game. To find that nice moment, to create the magic also in that super grey and "nothing special" day! You have to go out there and try, you know?!


Blue Is My Favourite Colour

While half of the world is still waiting for a proper spring weather, part of Italy is already transforming from spring weather to full on summer mode. Can't deny that I really enjoy strolling around small village called Varigotti, before heading to the mountains. To be able to walk around with bare legs and see the yachts in the water, people tanning. Made me really look forward to summer time! It is super small, but a nice village. With sea, beaches, colourful houses and small local restaurants that get fresh sea food every morning! A perfect getaway for a long weekend, if you ask me! Totally recommend this place if you are around. 


Night Time

When a proper spring temperature comes to Copenhagen no one stays inside. Everyone is out and about! Light blue nordic sky with a street lights, with restaurant lights, with people enjoying their time, getting together... urban fabric that never gets old! 

See for yourself!